Digital X-Ray Upgrade

Digital X-Ray Upgrade

I am happy to announce that we have upgraded to digital x-ray in both the Sudbury Podiatry and Westford Podiatry offices.
Digital X-Ray offers many benefits over the traditional X-Rays. From a medical practice standpoint, digital X-Ray offers a sharper image to aide in diagnosing patholgy. These digital X-Ray images can easily be manipulated using contrast and brightness alterations. This is impossible with the traditional X-Ray. It is also very easy to archive digital X-Ray on digital media thereby reducing storage space. These digital images can easily be backed up to a remote site in case of fire or some other catastrophic event.

From a patient standpoint digital X-Rays tend to be available much quicker thereby giving a speedy diagnosis. There is much higher picture quality, often times requiring lower doses of radiation and fewer "retakes" due to poor quality film. It is very easy to email a copy to your primary care physician or copy to a dvd to give the patient.

From an environmental standpoint, there is no disposal of film or any hazardous chemicals (developer, fixer). There is also no waste of water which is required with traditional X-Ray.

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