Football Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes to Receive Additional Foot Surgery

Football Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes to Receive Additional Foot Surgery

Description: Santonio Holmes of the New York Jets isThe New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes suffered a season-ending Lisfranc injury, and is expected to receive additional foot surgery come February. Holmes will have plates removed from his injured foot, which were surgically implanted back in October. According to Holmes, he misses being in New York along with his teammates. "Still got some time to heal,'' he said Monday night, sporting a black walking boot at his third annual charity bowling event for sickle cell awareness. "So I'm out for a while.''

According to Holmes he said he knew his season was over, “the minute I couldn’t get off the ground” when he stumbled awkwardly after catching a pass from Mark Sanchez in a 34-0 home loss to San Fransisco on Sept. 30. Dr. Bryant Tarr of Sudbury & Westford Podiatry is a podiatrist who understands how crucial foot surgery is before making adjustments and getting back into the game. With his help, your injury can be evaluated properly and the right treatment options can be provided for you.

Foot Surgery

Foot surgery is necessary in events where regular therapy has proven to be ineffective. Surgeons often use foot surgery as a last option because of its invasive nature. In most cases, physical therapy, medication, rest, exercise, and casts can help to heal a foot injury.

However, sometimes you might need to have surgery done without ever having an injury. Foot surgery can be used to correct a birth defect or deformity, or be used for reconstructive purposes. Foot surgery is designed to improve the quality of your feet and to help you get back on track with your life.

In extreme cases where the foot cannot be saved, or is beyond repair and is hindering the health of nearby parts of the body, amputation may be a necessary. Again, these are the last options a surgeon would choose; the main goal would be to save the feet.

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