Locker Recovering More Quickly Than Expected from Foot Surgery

Locker Recovering More Quickly Than Expected from Foot Surgery

jake lockerJake Locker, the new quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, recently had surgery on his right foot. He’s now in the recovery process, and it’s going more smoothly than coach Kevin Whisenhunt had expected. Locker may even be able to start practicing as early as May.

This has been a year of shake-ups for the Titans, who have gotten a new president, new coach, and released their veteran running back. This will be the third new offensive system Locker will have to learn in four seasons. “We’ve been able to do some things the last couple of weeks that we didn’t think we’d be able to this quick, and hopefully, we’ll be able to continue that kind of trend,” Locker said of his rehabilitation. “It could be even earlier than what we think.”

Locker understands the importance of the rehabilitation process; if you or someone you know has had a recent injury that requires rehabilitation, consult a podiatrist like Dr. Bryant Tarr, DPM of Sudbury & Westford Podiatry. Dr. Tarr will be able to fully map out the required process for rehabilitation and answer your questions.

Foot Rehabilitation for Athletes

Injured athletes are always looking for better, faster ways to aid their recovery and get back to the sport they love. To do this, podiatrists and physical therapists are often consulted so the injured athlete can get back onto the field as soon as possible. But rehabbing an injury is just as serious as the injury itself, and going through the motions of physical therapy or rehabilitation is a necessary process to keeping that injury at bay.

Physical Therapy Gives Hope

Physical therapy helps to keep athletes as active as they are physically capable, which will get them ready to return to the field once their feet become healed. Physical therapy often gives hope to athletes. However in cases where the injury is very serious, the athlete may never be able to return to the game; but this does not mean it is the end of the road, as there is always hope to get better. It is best to seek out rehabilitation as soon as possible so there are better chances for a full recovery, no matter how severe or minor the injury is.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices in Sudbury and Westford, MA. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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