Carl Nicks Hopes to Return to the Field despite Nerve Damage in Foot

Carl Nicks says he has pain and nerve damage in his left foot, something he will probably have suffer with the rest of the life.Two years ago, Carl Nicks signed a 5-year, $47.5 million contract with the Bucs, and since then has played in exactly 9 games because of a long string of injuries.  He had foot surgery, surgery for MRSA, and now struggles with painful nerve damage that he believes resulted from one of the two surgeries.

To top it off, he also has the chicken pocks.

Nicks has been participating in light jogging and other rehab drills, and hopes to return for the start of training camp.  Doctors say that he may be struggling with the pain caused by nerve damage for the rest of his life, but he refuses to let this keep him from playing.  

Outside of surgery, there are many ways to irritate the nerves during normal, daily activities.  If you are suffering from nerve disorders of the foot and ankleor any other nerve injury in the foot, consider talking to a podiatrist like Dr. Bryant A Tarr, D.P.M. of Sudbury & Westford Podiatry. Dr. Tarr will treat all of your podiatric needs.

Nerve Disorders of the Foot and Ankle

There are two nerve disorders of the foot and ankle called Interdigital Neuroma and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. These conditions affect the hands as well, and are caused by stress and genetics. People who suffer from Interdigital Neuroma and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome are prone to serious pain and inflammation in the area.

Pain that is associated with Interdigital Neuroma is often from local inflammation in the nerves in the front of the foot. Symptoms include pain, burning, and/or tingling sensations of the toes.

There are several steps a doctor will take to determine if one has Neuroma such as: radiographs, MRIs, and bone scans. Surgery is not required in many instances, and should only be considered when the patient is suffering from persistent pain.

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