Fungus Amongus?

Fungus Amongus?

Are you ashamed of your toenails? Do you hide your toes? Do you put toenail polish on your toenails to hide that thick yellow or black discoloration? You are not alone.
One of the most common complaints Dr. Tarr treats is thick, ugly, painful, difficult to treat toenails (sometimes referred to as onychomycosis).
Don't be ashamed. Having a fungal infection usually has nothing to do with poor hygiene. This is an environmental issue more than anything. Fungus grows in your shoes, in your bathtub, in your shower, in any public place.
Athletes are prone to toenail fungus because their toes hit the end of the shoes causing minute cracks in the toenails. Fungus growing in your shoes likes to go into these cracks and grow. Going barefoot or wearing shoes without socks also makes you more prone to developing toenail fungus.
While poor hygiene usually does not cause fungus to grow, it is important to clean your feet well. When you bathe, take a soapy facecloth and run it back and forth between your toes. You need this friction to rid the bacteria and fungus and dirt that can accumulate there. Rinse well and dry very well between your toes afterwards. Keep the area between your toes dry at all times, using any type of powder will help this. Never apply any moisturizing cream between your toes as this promotes fungal growth!
There are many over the counter anti-fungal medications for your toenails. At Sudbury Podiatry and Westford Podiatry we have been dispensing Formula 3. This is a clear anti-fungal polish that is applied to your toenails twice a day. Dr. Tarr likes this because it is a safe, effective product and you do not have to worry about your liver or kidney as with some of the prescription medication.
If you have toenail fungus or any foot/ankle complaint please call your local board certified podiatrist as they are the true professional you need to treat this.
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