Heel Pain Slowing You Down?

Heel Pain Slowing You Down?

Do you wake up with sharp stabbing pain in you heel? Are you limping with the first few steps out of bed in the morning? When you stand up after sitting for a while does if feel as though someone is stabbing your heel with a knife?
Plantar fascitis, also known as heel spur syndrome is one of the more common ailments I see in both my Sudbury and Westford Podiatry offices.
This is typically seen in someone who is either overweight, has recently gained weight, or has recently increased their activity level. There is also very often a genetic component to plantar fascitis. This genetic component is usually seen as hyperpronation, rolling your foot out to the side which puts a strain on the ligament that supports your arch (called the plantar fascia). When this ligament gets strained too much the inflammation is very painful, this is referred to as plantar fascitis.
On initial evaluation, Dr. Tarr will typically evaluate your gait, take x-rays (to rule out bone spurs and other heel pathology). If an imbalance is noted custom arch supports, or orthotics will be prescribed. Weight loss, stretching, anti-inflammatory medication may be recommended.
Most cases of plantar fascitis respond very well to the above recommendation. More resistant cases may need physical therapy and < 5% may need surgical intervention.
If you suffer from heel pain or any other foot ailment call Dr. Tarr at either his Sudbury Podiatry office at 978-443-4878 or at his Westford Podiatry office at 978-692-5085.

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