Dallas Mavericks Devin Harris Rehabs from Complicated Toe Surgery

Dallas Mavericks Devin Harris Rehabs from Complicated Toe Surgery

Devin Harris31-year-old Devin Harris, an All-Star from 2008-09 and a solid starter for most of his career, admitted that he wasn’t sure if he’d be back to playing at a high level. This was after undergoing a quite difficult rehabilitation from an operation on the second metatarsal in his left foot. Harris wasn’t sure if he needed surgery until he saw the results of an examination done by the Mavs’ team doctor T.O. Souryal.

Although his rehabilitation took longer than expected due to a stress fracture in his left foot, he was finally able to get back in the game. “It’s been a long road since the summer,” said Harris, who had to change the mechanics of how he ran. “We’ve had a lot of things happen, but I stayed positive and worked hard and obviously we’re in a good situation now.”

When getting back into sports after suffering from a foot or ankle injury, it’s always best to have a positive attitude. It also helps to consult with a podiatrist like Dr. Bryant A Tarr, D.P.M. of Sudbury & Westford Podiatry. Dr. Tarr can assist you in your recovery and help you return to athletics as soon as possible.

Getting Back into Sports after Foot and Ankle Injuries

While one of the most common injuries among athletes may be a sprained ankle, there are still many other types of injuries that plague athletes in any sport. But for less severe foot and ankle injuries, it is recommended by physical therapists and sports medicine doctors that athletes use the R.I.C.E. method to help alleviate pain and to speed up the healing process.

The acronym R.I.C.E. stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. These four steps help in the healing process, not only to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, but also to improve overall health of the affected area, allowing you to get back on to your feet again. Although resting is usually the key to all healing, it is necessary to see a doctor to ensure treatment for any other problems that may not be obvious to you right away.

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