Fungi are not such "Fun Guys"
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August 11, 2011
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Love hitting the pool during the summer?  So do the fungi that can cause athlete's foot and nail infections.  Fungi, yeasts, and molds that cause foot fungus and nail infections all desire warm, moist environments such as your swimming pools, showers, and sweaty gym shoes.  These organisms do not need sunlight to grow and can enter your body through small cuts and/or the space between your nail and nail bed.  Athlete's foot is particularly more common in the warmer summer months due to excessive perspiration and prolonged moist conditions of the feet.  While these pesky infections are bothersome and a trouble to get rid of, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. 

  • At the beach or pool, try to keep your flip flops on while walking around
  • Wear simple plastic flip flops when using a community shower (Not only does this create a barrier between your feet and the fungus, the plastic also helps prevent fungal growth that canvas and suede would harbor.) 
  • While at the gym, remember to always change your socks!
  • Try to rotate your shoes that you wear so that they have time to dry out. 
  • The overall best way to prevent and even treat foot or nail fungus is to always keep your feet clean and dry!


Fun fact:  Older individuals, especially men, are more prone to nail infections in general.  Why do you think women are more prone to get foot and nail infections during the summer months?  Post your ideas.

-Women tend to get more manicures/pedicures during the summer

-Women wear nail polish and can share with others (can spread if infected)

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