Tips on initiating a jogging or running regimen
By contactus
August 18, 2011
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     The balance, support and propulsion of a jogger's body all depend on the feet.  Before starting a jogging/running regimen, make certain your body's connection with the ground is in good working order.

     It is a good idea for a beginning jogger/runner to visit a podiatrist before starting an aerobic program. Your podiatrist will performa  physical exam, do a gait analysis, discuss orthotics if appropriate for you and recommend proper conditioning and footwear.

     During a 10-mile run, your feet make 15,000 strikes with the ground at a force 3-4 times your body weight.  Minor aches and pains are inevitable. These should go away with rest and ice.  If this gets worse, stop running and call your podiatrist.


- Start slow and increase distances slowly.
- Stretch regularly
- Wear proper shoes
- Fit your shoes with socks that you plan to wear during running.