Will my shoes get me in shape?
By contactus
October 21, 2010
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It seems the latest fad is hoping to get into shape by buying shoes that "will workout for you". These rocker-bottom shoes are being sold to help you burn more calories, tighten your butt, improve your posture and who knows, maybe help you get more dates on the weekend.
There are several of these shoes on the market now, one of the most popular being Skechers-Shape ups
These shoes actually work by throwing you off balance, therefore making you contract your muscles more just to put you back in balance. In my experience more people are complaining of achy muscles than anything else.
If you're looking to burn more calories and get into shape my recommendation is to wear a pair of good fitting walking or running shoes, diet and exercise reasonably. Avoid any heavy impact exercises if possible. I tell most of my patients swimming is the best exercise, followed by a workout on the elliptical machine or cross trainer. This places very little impact on your bones and joints and still allows for a great exercise.
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